Mara McGraw, MSW - Relational Mindfulness for individuals, couples & moresomes

It takes great courage to sit with uncertainty, awareness and compassion to explore darkness.
Only when we pass through fear can we bask freely in the light of authenticity. 

Intimacy and relationship coaching for individuals, couples and moresomes of all configurations in support of the full spectrum of sexual identity, preferences and desires within a sex positive and mindfulness context.  

My practice is founded in mindfulness based therapies to support your journey toward authentic living through compassion, values clarification, releasing old narratives, identifying your needs and goals, and learning skills and strategies to create awareness and cultivate action toward connection. My therapeutic model is experiential, meaning we explore current disconnect in real time within the dual contexts of 1) what is true in the moment and 2) what default beliefs, habits and stories might be at play. The shifts in truth and authenticity continue outside of session to a greater degree when given the opportunity to rehearse new patterns of thinking, feeling and communicating in real time. This can be an intensely vulnerable process and I utilize neuroscience and evidence based strategies to prevent flooding and support you through the arch of opening and closing these pathways.