Mara McGraw, MSW - Relational Mindfulness for individuals, couples & moresomes
Conscious Libido

"a noble truth aloof in it's wandering
ponders the certainty of nothing
reveals the suffering in not suffering
that hovers and smothers the urge gifted us at birth
sacrificed for speech and learning
the yearning buried deep pulls forth from our feet
awakens upon invitation to the floor
our daily schemes revile it's secret and try to steal it
or play it in some terror 
to trick us to revoke our rightly heir
but feet, hips, head, hands, breath bring forth
the saving grace of space 
held open for our consumption
the return to our state of nature
to nurture in favor 
of rhythm"

These words flowed from me after a deep dive of conscious movement where I was fortunate to simultaneously experience the duality of fear and love, leading to an enduring sense of self acceptance. 
It was during this practice that I found my essence -my creative source, my libido- and began living from resilience despite the narratives inherited from society, childhood and self-perception.

What Conscious Libido addresses

Do you feel alone, unheard, unseen, and unvalued?
Do you long to be loved, appreciated and known, for who you really are?
Is there a sinking feeling that you’re never enough?
Are your relationships with self and others fulfilling?
Are you getting the support you need?
Do others in your life feel cared for by you the way you want them to?
Do you feel satisfyingly connected to others or to a community larger than yourself?

These are states of being found at the root of the number one health epidemic in our country: loneliness. On par with smoking, loneliness contributes to the leading causes of death in America. In conscious libido practice we identify roadblocks to sensual and social connection, develop a positive sense of self and create pathways to living a fulfilled life by cultivating authenticity through awareness, courage and love, which have the power to transform the above statements into:

“I know who I am and I’m no longer afraid to show it”
“My relationships feel connected and satisfying” 
“I know my worth and see that others value me in their lives” 
“I’ve learned to sit with difficulty and be compassionate with myself” 
“I learned how to stand up for myself without pushing people away” 
“My negative thoughts are no longer in the driver’s seat” 
“I feel a part of something meaningful”

What is Conscious Libido?

For me, it's an embodied state arising from a  mindful merger of conscious movement and breath work, the sacred teachings of Buddhist Tantra, and the modem science of neurobiology and behaviorism.

We honor body intelligence as a gateway into the now. We balance form and freedom through the use of language, art, movement and music, highlighting relevant societal influences on our ideas of sexuality and to experience our libido as a creative force driving our self expression in work, relationships and life. 

Memories, stories and experiences become lodged in the body and change the relationship to self and others. Though not solely focused on sexual identity, by using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding we expand compassion, empathy and love, we re-prioritize the importance and value of creativity in our lives, and we affirm the value of experiencing and expressing sensations and emotions in daily life. 

In a state of distraction, consciousness is limited to reactions based on default patterns. By bringing awareness we gain an opportunity to respond in the present moment based on our truth, our desire and self-connection. In conscious libido practice a physical-spiritual-sexual integration is experienced playfully and yet with compassionate attention using conversation, movement, breath, ritual, and the arts to open and awaken the senses to what is and what is not present in the moment of desire. Through a slow and thoughtful practice of conscious release our senses ignite, enabling us to become more deeply attuned and experience the ecstatic merge in a divine union with our creative essence. After this merger we can make decisions in the light of self-knowledge and more accurately understand others and ourselves. Creative energy is accelerated to nourish the inner flame that melts ego-based perceptions of the mind and enables us to see with clarity and act with intention to shed hindrances that block our full potential, creating the pathway to attain mastery of our divine purpose and emerge into an authentic practice of full spectrum living.