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Procrastination is a form of avoidance, a temporary relief and prioritizing of short term gratification. There are so many ways nowadays to procrastinate, and yet, the short term relief we feel comes at a cost of feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled (not to mention the tasks still await us). Acceptance is the gateway to change. Commitment links change to our long term goals and our values. 

We get "fused" to thoughts, such as "It's going to be so awful" that are based on moments other than the present one. To defuse these thoughts: 1) focus your attention on what's happening now; 2) acknowledge the unpleasantness of the task, 3) validate that the challenge of the task and/or ignoring it for other things more interesting can be difficult, 4) link approaching the task to your overall goal and/or your values and/or your desired outcome (relief that really lasts when the task is truly off your to-do list.

Consider making a VITALS plan: 

Validate your feelings and the voice that says "I don't want to!!" There is a real reason...
Imagine yourself accomplishing the task peacefully an d productively. It may be easier to close...
Take small steps: break the project down into smaller steps. Set achievable goals and  realistic time...
Applaud yourself: enjoy the feeling of making progress. Cheerlead and coach yourself.
Lighten the load: what benefits will accomplishing this task bring? Focus on the outcome and the long lasting relief you'll feel once it's completed
Sweeten the pot: build pleasure in wherever possible-during and/or after the task. Reward your efforts with a "jack pot"

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