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This is Happening

The Dalai Lama says "The path of least resistance has no preference". It's reasonable to have desires and wants, but exerting ourselves into strong preferences in terms of "It should" or "It shouldn't" is actively resisting the reality of what is; in s sense helping yourself to a double scoop of suffering. Finding ease in the effort is letting go of expectations and "trying", in exchange for seeing and being in the moment. Not so much "happy go lucky" or "ignorance is bliss" or even "agreeing with", rather, bringing compassionate attention and curiosity which allows you to explore beyond the current discomfort, and opening to the infinite possibilities ahead. For example, "I have cancer?! It can't be! I've lived such a healthy and loving life." The first part of this sentence is a fact, what follows is resisting the fact with "shoulds" which burdens this being with additional suffering and distracts from the realm of possibilities like healing, treatment options, mindful living for the time that's left, etc. One of my mentors, when faced with sudden unplanned dilemmas would engage his compassionate attention by says "This is happening"; I find using his simplicity in reality acceptance relieves me from emotional traps I might sink into should I resist the moment, and inspires the momentum needed to step into the next moment.

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